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"I've been using the Cash Flow System and the Wealth Builder System from Market Tamer for about a year and a half now. I've found these services to be very useful in generating really advantageous trade ideas on a daily basis. I've used these ideas to develop trades for both my wife and my IRA accounts. This has helped us achieve additional income streams on a monthly basis. I've learned a lot about options trading from Market Tamer and would recommend that you give them a try."

Daniel S., Irvine, CA


"I've been tracking all the trade ideas from Market Tamer Cashflow Select since I joined -- even if I had already exited them -- and have noticed that they are HUGELY accurate. Even that crazy CRM one would have been a winner if held to the end (I didn't hold it till then though -- exited early on it).

Anyway...just wanted to say that I'm very happy with this service and am learning a lot. The accuracy I'm seeing is also building my credit spread confidence a lot. :)"



"I really enjoy the newsletter and you have exceeded my expectations so far."

Marc K.


"I am finding in back testing that about 65% of months make astonishing gains and the rest are flatish, slightly down or up. Putting that all together it is one hell of a high expectancy system. I love how some of the picks take off like a rocket in the direction indicated like magic."

Barbara O., Florida


"I have had a chance to work with the Market Timer system for a short evaluation period, and I have to say that so far I am very pleased with the results. Of course I have also had some losses during this time, but I was able to exit them before they got too large, and I have been profitable overall. This is a big deal for me, since previously I was not profitable in my trading.

I feel that the Market Timer is helping me become a better trader, with more patience and discipline, since I have greater confidence that I am trading in the right security, in the right direction, at the right time. Another thing I really liked was that the vendors provided ongoing training, and were always available to answer questions. I think it means a lot that the vendors are traders themselves, and not just system developers, so they know how to bridge the gap between a system that just works in theory and one that can be traded successfully in the real world. I am looking forward to continued trading success with the Market Timer."

A. Zimmerman, Canada


"I'm writing this letter to inform potential students of my experience with Market Tamer. I've learned some real world strategies that have helped me make consistent income and sleep without worrying every night. I'm a conservative trader and the last 2 years have been the worst to trade since the great depression. I want to tell everyone that I've traded for 18 years and this is the best education and system I've ever used. It's not a get rich quick deal, it takes time to view all the classes and learn and practice the methods so when you start trading you'll have the confidence to make consistent money. I want to let everyone know, if you learn the trades and master the techniques taught in class, you'll never have to worry about making money in the markets again. So thanks for the education and pass this on to anyone interested in your education, I recommend it highly"

Larry Kriger, Colorado


"I think that I've only missed two events since i joined back in early May. I learn from every session. Not to swell your head, but I am really getting my money's worth!!!"

Barry Bergman, New Jersey


"Just wanted to let you know that your PUT calendar presentation the other night was truly outstanding. I've been wanting to learn more about this trade, and your step-by-step breakdown of the strategy really revealed the finer details and nuances of how and when to put these on. I also appreciate the dedication that you provide in answering e-mails, monitoring the forums, and taking precious evening time in order to present valuable lessons in trading. Thanks to your dedication to our success, I am happy to report that I am now consistently profitable in the markets applying what I have learned, and continue to learn through your on-line video course and regularly scheduled follow-on training sessions.

The techniques for profiting regardless of market direction, as well as the protective strategies for my existing stock holdings, have allowed me to construct a virtually worry-free portfolio with a fraction of the risk that I used to take on. To say that MarketTamer is value for money would be the understatement of the year. Thank you for providing the education that is allowing me to attain my retirement objectives."

Pierre D, Canada


"I have subscribed to many investing "gurus and programs" over the last several years and your website and level of education is head and shoulders above the rest"

Todd Baumgartner, Minnesota


"...you guys are the best I've seen - and I've taken the time to vet most of what's out there"

Wm McArthur, Oceanside, CA


"I have been using the Market Tamer Trading Ideas for a little over one month and want to thank you for this excellent service. I typically look through your ideas for clear bull or bear flag patterns, then using either ITM Calls or Puts take a position with defined stops and targets. All based on lessons I learned from the Market Tamer video on-demand sessions. So far I have made 15 trades resulting in 11 gains and 4 losses. I know that I will be able to improve performance going forward, because there were a few human factors (known as me) in these trades that caused less than optimal results. I am very satisfied with the Market Tamer Trade Ideas service and the results I have been able to achieve to date. I look forward to further success with Market Tamer in the future"

Ray Cline, Texas


"Congratulations! Best webinar I've ever watched! REASON: You paced your presentation at a truly educational pace, both graphics & voice. This gives your audience time for their memory to capture the concepts & context. Further, you presented good alternatives, rather than "Wham Bam this is it!"

Appears you are not the usual "Ex-Floor Trader"

Rick Climie, Arizona


I'm really excited and impressed by the classes each evening. Having the ability and desire to teach others to be successful is a wonderful life work. Thank you for your commitment. For you will reap what you sow but you will reap in multiples! So keep planting those good seeds!

Jerry G


It's been a great course and continues to be a tremendous resource for changing market conditions. I've been active in the market for a number of years with mediocre results. Since completing the class I've consistently attained quality returns and fully expect to continue improving my results as my skills continue to improve. This has been more than just teaching the process of different strategies, it has given me the discipline necessary to trade effectively as well as provide a clear explanation of when to consider using specific strategies. Also, most importantly, the lessons spent discussing adjustments that can be made when the market moves in a direction other than expected, has provided the confidence to actively trade even in the volatile market we are experiencing today. Keep up the good work, this is a great class.

Mark Z


I am so thankful for this learning experience. I have understood your format without stress. Thank you for the excellent presentations!

Jeanne V


The materials are superb and the coaches are seasoned and successful, but what distinguishes MarketTamer.com for me is their commitment to my learning. They listen. They encourage questions. And the process deepens my understanding.

Patti M


Quality "safe strategy" education, truly caring, successful and knowledgeable instructors, with courseware you can tackle at your own pace. These things only scratch the surface of the value I have found at MarkeTamer. Both the on demand video classes and the real time instructor led classes have given me the foundation knowledge I need to trade profitably in the most turbulent market ever. Thanks Guys!

Gary C

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