Your Path to Prosperity

Step 1: Commit to Financial Freedom

To realize your financial dreams, you must first commit to becoming successful. Here at Market Tamer, you have all the resources you need to succeed on a level beyond your imagination.

By committing to join Market Tamer, you have already shown that you are ready to do what it takes to succeed. You already took the most difficult step. And to ensure you thrive and prosper, you must build on that commitment.

So, before starting your training, we are going to share with you a secret that the richest titans in history have used to achieve extraordinary wealth.

Nobody truly understands why this technique is so powerful, but it is. And if you are truly committed to success, you must follow in the footsteps of the wealthiest investors, entrepreneurs and titans of industry.

Take action now. And commit to writing out the text below. Adapt it to your circumstances by replacing the bracketed text with your own goals. And then post it above your desk or on the refrigerator, where you will see it each and every day.

"I intend to become financially free. My goal is to generate $(insert amount) in the next (insert time) years.

I trust that my intention to become financially free has brought me here. And to achieve my goal of financial freedom, I commit to following the Path to Prosperity steps.

To become proficient, I will commit to these steps for a period of at least 6 months. I will tell at least one person I trust of this commitment, and I will discuss regularly with them my progress.

I commit to being financially free by (insert date). And I am willing to sacrifice time I used to spend on less important tasks to realize this important goal."

Then sign your name underneath and repeat these words out loud each day. On your journey to financial freedom, share your goal with friends and invite them to join you too. Their support will help you accelerate your progression to reaching your goals.

And when you realize your dreams, all we ask is that you too give back, whether through telling others of your step-by-step path to success at Market Tamer or through some other means.

Now it is time to move to Step 2 on your Path to Prosperity.

Step 2: Choose Your Wealth Track

Market Tamer offers you 6 wealth tracks, which cater to your needs, whether you are looking to

  • Start trading stock & options
  • Invest for retirement
  • Master a safe trading system
  • Generate regular income
  • Trade actively/short-term
  • Achieve Total Mastery of all topics

What Track Should I Begin With?

The following brief questionnaire should assist you in determining where it may be best for you to begin. The MarketTamer education program is comprehensive and in order for you to take best advantage of what we have to offer, please take a moment to take this short quiz. It will help put you where you need to start without wasting time and effort.

Question #1
I have been trading for
Question #2
I consider my knowledge of the stock market and trading to be
Question #3
My profits are
Question #4
My foundational knowledge of stocks and options is
Question #5
I understand basic options but I struggle with
Question #6
My understanding and application of fundamental analysis is
Question #7
My understanding and application of Technical Analysis is
Question #8
My understanding and application of the Greeks is
Question #9
My understanding and application of Portfolio Management is
Question #10
My design and implementation of a Trading Plan is

Your Results

It is suggested that you begin with The Foundational Track and make sure that you fully understand the basics before moving forward in the curriculum.

It is always a good thing to start at the very beginning but you may wish to scan the Foundational Wealth Track to determine if there is any material that you do not fully understand and then progress to The Wheel of Profit. If you are trading conservatively and inside of an IRA then you may want to consider directing your efforts toward the Retirement Investing Wealth Track.

You appear to have a solid understanding of many of the basic concepts. Although, it is always prudent to review, you may find the best use of your time is to concentrate on some higher level concepts and strategies such as The Income Trading Wealth Track.

Finally, regardless of which Wealth Track(s) you choose, your trading will be dramatically enhanced by achieving the Mastery level. So it is encouraged that culmination of your grasp of the material be evidenced by completion and successful application of the entire curriculum including The Mastery Wealth Track.

We welcome you with great enthusiasm to what we believe to be the most comprehensive Stock Market Training program available today. Our success is measured by your success and as such, we are dedicated to that end. This can be a life changing experience for you and we are with you every step of the way.

Putting Your Profits First,

The MarketTamer Team!

The Market Tamer Wealth Path System

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