Stock Trading

Stock trading has certainly evolved in recent years. It was not that long ago when only the rich and 'well to do' invested in the stock market through expensive full service brokers. Today, stock trading is only as far away as your computer keyboard at costs that are a fraction of what commissions were a decade ago. As a result, the retail trader has become a real factor in daily stock market volume. Today's retail trader involved in stock trading is becoming very sophisticated and has access to tools that were heretofore only available to Wall Street's elite. The online retail trader today can access in depth information in literally seconds regarding fundamental and technical statistics on any stock that is publicly traded.

Stock trading over the Internet has driven the transaction costs down to as little as $3 per trade through certain retail brokers. However, advice and support can be spotty at best and in some instances and even frequently non-existent. For that reason, it is important that the retail trader realize that trading is not just about commissions alone. One must strike a balance between the platform that is available to the retail trader, service and cost.

Stock trading can be daunting in that there is so much to learn and assimilate in order to be consistently profitable in the marketplace. It is not sufficient to merely learn a strategy or two in order to become consistently profitable in stock trading. A master trader must learn to effectively analyze a company's financial strength and also determine if the stock is technically ready to be traded. One must learn and apply proper money management techniques and proper portfolio diversification. The trader must master their emotions and become disciplined in executing entry and exit criteria without deviating from the trading plan.

Stock trading can be a very rewarding endeavor and is not for everyone. A trader must treat trading as a business and as such be willing to put in the time and effort required to become proficient. Finally, I have known traders who have exhibited the knowledge of their craft but have failed to achieve consistent success. Typically, those that fail have not formulated a formal stock trading plan and/or have not had emotional strength to consistently execute that plan with persistence and patience.

If you choose to enter the profession of stock trading and become successful in the markets I recommend that you find a trading methodology that is proven. At we are confident we have the best education on the market and will be there to help you along the educational process to become a consistently profitable trader! Come join a dedicated proven winning team today!

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