Thomas (Tom) Petty MBA, C.F.P.

Most of you think of rock-n-roll when you hear the name “Tom Petty”. However, this brief biography refers to Tom Petty, the longtime financial professional who has been a Certified Financial Planner (C.F.P.) since 1992, earned two master’s degrees, is still an ordained minister (he has served seven churches during 27 years of pastoring) and served as CFO for two non-profit organizations over the course of thirteen years. Since retiring from active ministry, Tom has devoted the majority of his time to stock and options trading, financial planning, and professional writing for and Read more

Gregg Harris, Author & Trader

Gregg Harris is not your typical trader. He spent much of his life in software and hardware engineering, and applies the same rigorous technical skills he honed in his engineering career to his stock market analysis. Gregg got ‘hooked’ on the stock market back in the 1980s, taking a Series 3 course to learn about options before they had become widely known. He leveraged his software expertise to build a real-time quote system and researched trading systems, options and commodity markets. Read more

Dave Forster, Trader & Instructor

This brief biography refers to Dave Forster who trades full time and teaches part time. Dave spent 18 years in the Information Technology field until he decided to make trading his full time job. After successfully making the transition to full time trading, Dave started teaching for The majority of Dave’s trading uses stock and options trading but he also does some currency trading. Read more

John Marsland

John Marsland is an expert options trader and instructor. John specializes primarily in credit spreads and other strategies for selling credit and generating income. Read more

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