Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a brokerage firm?

MarketTamer is not a brokerage firm. MarketTamer offers you the information and education on how to make trades, but MarketTamer does not execute the trade for you.

Do you provide advice?

Neither MarketTamer, its subsidiaries, officers, employees, representatives nor independent contractors are licensed financial advisors. We strongly recommend that you consult a licensed financial professional for your financial advice.

What if I have never traded a stock before?

You do not need to have experience as a stock trader to enroll in our program. Our program has been developed to give you the information you need to start trading.

What if I have been trading for years? Is this for me?

MarketTamer offers lessons for traders with every level of experience and risk tolerance so regardless of your investing experience, we are confident you will find suitable lessons.

How much time is required to take lessons?

Our program was designed to allow you to set your own pace. You can take as little or as much time as you would like to review the course material. We have found historically that more effort leads to more rewards.

How much time will it take to invest and manage my investments?

Your investing approach will determine how much time you need to devote to trading. The more active you are the more time you will need to spend analyzing potential trades and monitoring your current trades.

Please explain how your Money-Back Guarantee works?

You have a full 30 days to evaluate the Market Timer Algorithm product. If you do not believe the Market Timer Algorithm can help you be a more successful trader, you may refund your purchase for a 100% refund. All you need to do is attend each of the weekly coaching calls, and place at least 2 documented trades in a virtual practice account each week to prove that you gave the Market Timer Algorithm a fair try.

You have a full 30 days to evaluate the Private Client Group and Major Market Trend Indicator products. If you do not believe the Private Client Group and Major Market Trend Indicator can help you be a more successful trader, you may refund your purchase for a 100% refund. All you need to do is attend one weekly coaching calls, and place at least 2 documented trades in a virtual practice account each week to prove that you gave the Private Client Group and Major Market Trend Indicator a fair try.

You have a full 30 days to evaluate the Live Coaching Call Educational Webinar Events. If you do not believe the Live Coaching Call Educational Webinar Events can help you be a more successful trader, you may refund your purchase for a 100% refund. All you need to do is attend three weekly coaching calls each week to prove that you gave the Live Coaching Call Educational Webinar Events a fair try.

Purchases of the Video on-demand curriculum are point of sale transactions for which no refunds are permitted.

In all circumstances, if a different Guarantee is provided during a promotional event, that Guarantee shall take precedence over any aforementioned Guarantee and shall be strictly enforced.

What are the computer requirements?

Operating System:

  • Windows XP or later
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • iOS 6.0 or later*
  • Android 4.0 or later*

Current version of:

  • Macromedia Flash Player 7+

Supported Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Mozilla Firefox 4+
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari 5.1+

(Beta versions of Web browsers are not supported; in all cases we recommend the most recent version)

JavaScript must be enabled to access most content

Internet connection (broadband highly recommended)

*Flash content (VOD lessons and some videos) is unsupported on mobile

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, an internet connection is needed (broadband highly recommended).

Do I need a brokerage account?

Yes, you will need a brokerage account to invest in the stock market.

I've never done anything like this before, will I understand it?

MarketTamer provides all the training you will need to become acquainted with trading parlance.

Can my spouse take the course with me?

You may take the MarketTamer program together. However, only one login and password will be issued with the program.

How many modules do you offer?

We offer 10 modules comprising 40 professional video on-demand lessons. These include Master The Basics, Vital Knowledge, Safe Stock Market Strategies, Rock Solid Income Trades, Profit From Volatility, Profit From Time, A Trading System, Maximum Returns, Adjust To Win (Stocks Only) and Adjust to Win (Stocks and Options).

Do I need to take any tests prior to enrolling?

No, you do not need to complete any tests prior to enrolling in our program.

Will completion of this program earn me a degree or college credit?

No, MarketTamer is not an accredited University.

How frequently can I attend lessons? Am I able to repeat lessons?

Our online program is designed to facilitate your schedule. You can take our self-directed lessons anytime, any place and at your own pace.

We offer a process-based learning program that enables you repeat classes as often as you wish for an entire year until you are completely comfortable with the material. We have constructed the program in this manner in order to ensure that you can master the material at your leisure.

How long does it take to complete the program?

An overwhelming attraction of the MarketTamer program is the ability to take any combination of modules you wish. No matter which module or combination of modules you choose you will gain a year of full access so you can take as long or short as you need to master the lessons.

What returns on investment can I expect upon completion of the program?

Although MarketTamer is restricted from specifying particular percentage returns, we can confidently state that our comprehensive program will teach you numerous strategies to optimize every type of market condition (rising, falling, flat) and will offer you a means of adjusting losing trades to either mitigate risk or maximize returns. We have every confidence that our students will handsomely improve their returns by leveraging our system of trading.

What distinguishes you from other stock market education companies?

MarketTamer differentiates itself from other stock market education companies in a number of ways.

  1. System of Trading - You will learn a system of trading that teaches strategies, strategy applications and strategy prioritization as part of a trading system. In addition you will learn how to create target exit points and contingency exit plans in order to adjust trades should they move against you thereby creating winning positions.
  2. A Dynamic Approach - The market is always changing and we believe that a trading system should evolve with the market to account for surprises and unexpected trend changes. Our dynamic trading methodology involving sophisticated exit points specifies what action to take to mitigate risk and maximize returns.
  3. Process-based Learning - Unlike most stock market education programs that teach what we define as 'event-based' learning (for example attending a seminar and being expected to absorb a mountain of knowledge in a short timeframe), MarketTamer offers a 'process-based' system that allows you repeat lessons as often as you wish until you have mastered the material.
  4. Price & Value - MarketTamer was founded with a goal of developing the highest quality, most comprehensive industry-wide education at the most affordable price. We believe we have succeeded in all areas and expect motivated self-directed traders like you, determined to control your own financial future, to reap huge benefits from our program. In fact, our most comprehensive online program is just a fraction of the cost of most other education programs.
  5. Support - MarketTamer offers many free tools to you to improve your trading performance. For example, quizzes for each module are constructed to test any knowledge-gaps, strategy spreadsheets are designed to assist you in calculating risk and reward for various strategies, the virtual trading platform offers you a platform to practice what you've learned in lessons without risking any capital. And all those investing tools are provided FREE for the module(s) you choose!

Who founded MarketTamer?

MarketTamer was founded by a group of elite stock market traders and professional stock market educators. For almost a decade they have been successfully employing the sophisticated trading techniques taught in the MarketTamer program and MarketTamer founders have every confidence that you will find tremendous benefit from our online program as you learn how to trade the stock market with reduced risk while maximizing reward.

Why are you teaching this program and not simply managing a hedge fund?

At MarketTamer, we believe we have been very fortunate to have had opportunities to pioneer a successful trading system and indeed we still take advantage of it in personal portfolios. We recognized the great disparity between sophisticated traders becoming ever-richer while individual traders have been left with few choices other than to pay fees to mutual fund managers, many of whom fail to beat the average stock market return. MarketTamer was conceived as a means of bridging the divide and offering motivated, self-directed traders a means of excelling in the market place.

How can I be sure that I am joining the right program for me?

We are confident you will find so much value that you will want to keep learning! The program is structured to meet the needs of all investor/traders, from very conservative investors to very aggressive traders and everybody else in between.

Why is your trading philosophy so unique and what do you mean by a 'dynamic' approach to trading?

Most approaches to trading involve making a bet on a particular direction and hoping to profit from being correct. We label this type of trading as 'the binary probabilistic static method' - if the trader wins, great but if the trader bets wrong, he/she will take a loss. In this methodology, if the trader is wrong often enough or is just not particularly accurate at timing the market, the trader is likely going to have a very poor performance at the end of the year as losses accumulate.

MarketTamer, on the other hand, approaches the stock market with a 'dynamic adjustable' philosophy that means we will conduct all the due diligence we can prior to trade entry to ensure we have the best chance of initially being correct. Nevertheless if the trade moves against expectations, we have specific trade adjustments to account for such trend changes in an effort to mitigate risk and even turn losing trades into winning trades. Just think how much more profitable you would be at the end of each year if you could turn those losing trades into winning trades and watch the profits accumulate year in year out!

How do your experiences as traders impact the program?

We believe experience speaks volumes about the credibility of an organization. At MarketTamer, our years of experiences teaching literally thousands of students in the past shines through our comprehensive program so you are receiving a truly unique stock market education program that we are confident will teach you more than you ever dreamed you would know about stock and options trading.

Do you guarantee performance?

Although we have full confidence that our students will significantly improve their trading performances upon completing our program, we do not offer a performance guarantee due to the possibility of unforeseeable events such as natural disasters etc. adversely and unexpectedly impacting the stock market. We hope that you understand that the liability for any company to assume such a guarantee would be highly onerous and we would caution you to be aware of any company offering such promises.

How do I know I am making progress, do you test my knowledge?

Yes we do ensure you are making progress by testing your knowledge of the underlying material. In fact as stock market educators we have taught literally thousands of students already and are very aware of the benefits of testing students at regular intervals to ensure they grasp the concepts. As you complete each module we encourage you take the quizzes assigned to each module to ensure that you are competent in all material presented in that module before moving on.

Why don't you hold seminars like other education companies?

We have found from years of teaching students that seminar-based education is what we describe as 'event-based' learning. And unfortunately, many students find 'event-based' learning very frustrating because so much material is presented in such a short timeframe that it's almost akin to trying to drink from a fire hydrant hose - just too much information in too little a timeframe. And when you want to review the material the presenter is gone!

Although we may offer seminars in the future if our students request it, we are focused heavily on offering the best stock market education through a 'process-based' learning program where you can relax and take lessons as often as you wish at your own pace anywhere in the world. Learning is a process and repetition is sometimes required to really become comfortable with strategies/concepts so we would encourage you to think strongly before spending exorbitant amounts of hard-earned money on any weekend event when you can spend just a fraction on an incredibly comprehensive program with MarketTamer.

Where can I trade after I complete the course?

Brokers have various requirements that must be met in order for you set up an account with them. We would encourage you to interview a number of brokers to determine which best suits your preferences for commissions rates, execution speed and service. Some of the more popular online brokers include OptionsXpress, ThinkOrSwim, Interactive Brokers, Etrade and Schwab.

What are the risks involved in trading?

Trading can involve substantial risks. If you plan on trading borrowed money or money you cannot afford to lose, trading is not for you. The market does not guarantee profits and while options were introduced as a means of hedging risk, no guarantees exist. Risk management is a critical part of trading and we encourage our students to pay special attention to our courses on this topic. Disregarding money management techniques may result in capital losses.

What commissions are involved in trading?

Commissions will vary from broker to broker. Some brokers offer very inexpensive commission rates for self-directed online traders while others offer full-service solutions and charge more for commissions. Please note that execution speed and customer service are also items to be aware of when choosing a broker and should factor into your decision as to whom you choose. Please consult the broker in which you are interested in trading for more information.

Are there any other fees associated with trading?

Several other fees exist in trading; often imposed by institutions administering the trades. These fees include ECN fees, SEC fees etc. These fees are minimal but can accumulate with high volume trading.

What happens when I click Submit on the purchase form?

Your order is submitted. Pending approval of your credit card, you will receive an e-mail with your login and password within an hour of the charge.

Do you charge my credit card right away?


Are there payment plans available?

We keep our prices very competitive and as a result we do not offer payment plans.

Will I receive anything by regular mail?

No. MarketTamer provides all course information online.

Do I get access to the course immediately?

Pending approval of your credit card you will receive an email with your login and password within an hour of the charge.

Can I use a debit card?

As long as it is a Visa or MasterCard debit card.

Can I pay by check?

No, not at this point in time.

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