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Which way is the market headed? Look no further than the market forecasts of our professional traders and experts. Not only will you find industry leading market forecasts but when we spot newsworthy videos we will be sure to post them here so you get to see what's moving the markets first.

Jan 23 2018 - NVDA on fire & JNJ sells off Jan 23 2018 - NVDA on fire & JNJ sells off QQQ's powered higher again today on the heels of NFLX, NVDA, AMZN and tech in general. Though, the Nasdaq 100's $VXN is also rising with equity prices. This is normally a 'yellow flag' for the bulls, but with earnings season upon us it could also be attributed to some proactive hedging. We'll keep an eye on the 20-day EMA for the QQQ's as our technical line in the sand.

We also discuss GLD, GDX, BIDU, MAT and more.

Have a great day!
Jan 22 2018 - NFLX Surging After Hours Jan 22 2018 - NFLX Surging After Hours Stocks surged again today, this time on the news of a deal on the debt ceiling. SPY, DIA and QQQ finished at the highs of the day.

Netflix (NFLX) is ripping higher in after hours, up $19 as of this video on top of the other $7.12 it added during regular hours. We also discuss HAL, SLB, FB, AMZN, NVDA and more.

Have a great day!
Jan 21 2018 - Stocks Bullish Despite Gov't Shutdown Jan 21 2018 - Stocks Bullish Despite Gov't Shutdown SPY, DIA and QQQ all finished higher on Friday despite the notion there could be a government shutdown by midnight. Fast forward to Sunday and we do in fact have a government shutdown so it will be interesting to see how the markets react once Monday morning arrives.

As long as stocks remain above their 20-day EMAs... the bulls retain their technical edge. We also discuss GLD, MDLZ, MU, TEVA, AAPL, FB, NVDA, NFLX, AMZN, GOOGL and more.

Have a great week ahead!
Jan 18 2018 - AMD & GNC Break Out Jan 18 2018 - AMD & GNC Break Out The major indexes remained flat on the day. The $VIX is now above 12, which is 'news' but it still remains historically very low.

AMD and especially GNC broke out today, with GNC rising an astonishing 51.59%. We also discuss CMG, PANW and more.

Have a fantastic Friday ahead!
Jan 17 2018 - Semis Explode To New All-Time Highs Jan 17 2018 - Semis Explode To New All-Time Highs The Semis (SMH) exploded higher today, adding 2.99%. SPY, DIA and QQQ all closed at fresh all-time highs. The bears just can't get two down days in a row going for them right now. We'll keep an eye on the 20-day EMA as our first litmus test to the downside.

We also discuss NVDA, TXN, TSM, CMG, AAPL, GLD, TLT and more.

Have a great day!
Jan 16 2018 - Stocks Reverse Off Highs But... Jan 16 2018 - Stocks Reverse Off Highs But... Stocks gapped higher coming out of a three-day weekend and the bullish euphoria lasted about 25 minutes before the rally ran out of steam and profit taking set in. The result of the 'big reversal' still has the major index ETFs like SPY, DIA and QQQ above their short-term 5-day EMA. The bears had a shot to make it more interesting but once again failed to make any technical damage occur.

If Wednesday leads to more selling, we'll want to keep an eye on the 20-day EMA as a measuring stick to see if the bears are starting to gain an edge.

We also discuss $VIX, MRK, SBUX, AAPL, FB, AMZN and more.

Have a great day!
Jan 14 2018 - Stocks Rip Higher As Earnings Season Approaches Jan 14 2018 - Stocks Rip Higher As Earnings Season Approaches SPY and QQQ are now showing an overbought reading on the weekly charts using the two-standard deviation Bollinger Bands. DIA, IWM and MDY have not yet crossed into overbought territory.

Earnings Season is here and with such a hot start to the year, it can be a great time to prepare for each company's upcoming report.

Tonight's video is longer than usual due to the US Stock Market being closed on Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Day. (There will no be video on Monday).


Have a fantastic week ahead!

Jan 11 2018 - Small & Midcaps Rip Higher Jan 11 2018 - Small & Midcaps Rip Higher IWM (Small Cap ETF) and MDY (Midcap ETF) led the bulls' charge higher today. The buyers keep on rotating from one area to another (literally every day it seems).

We highlighted TEVA's technical breakout last night and today it did not disappoint, soaring 8.48%. It still has potentially massive technical upside targets ahead.

We also discuss GLD, SLV, NFLX, AMZN, EXPE and more.

Have a fantastic Friday!
Jan 10 2018 - Trading Bitcoin & Pot Breakouts Jan 10 2018 - Trading Bitcoin & Pot Breakouts The major indexes reversed off their lows and finished pretty close to break even on the day with the VIX even finishing lower again.

Trading Bitcoin and Marijuana stocks have been seemingly on everyone's mind lately so in tonight's video we took a look at trading the 'break outs' on RIOT, CANN, BTSC and TWMJF.

We also discuss GILD, ADBE, NVDA, INTC, TEVA and KODK.

Have a great rest of the day!
Jan 8 2018 - EXPE, RTN, NVDA Break Out Jan 8 2018 - EXPE, RTN, NVDA Break Out The QQQ's led the broad market higher today, tacking on another 0.39%, while the other major index ETFs were essentially flat.

EXPE, RTN and NVDA all broke out, triggering technical buy signals. CHTR is pushing out of its bull flag pattern and ULTA is coming into support. We also discuss TSLA, AAPL and more.

Have a great day!
Jan 7 2018 - Stocks & Metals Remain Bullish Jan 7 2018 - Stocks & Metals Remain Bullish SPY, DIA & QQQ remain bullish as the first full week of trading begins in 2018 but they are outside their daily two-standard deviation Bollinger Bands, which is a short-term overbought signal. However, the weekly charts are doing just fine. The overall edge continues to side with the bulls. The VIX remains extremely low at 9.22, showing no fear on behalf of the stock bulls.

We also discuss GLD, SLV, FB, AAPL, AMZN, NFLX, GOOGL and more.

Have a great week ahead!
Jan 4 2018 - IBM & FFIV Break Out... Jan 4 2018 - IBM & FFIV Break Out... DIA (Dow ETF) led the charge higher today, tacking on 0.66% on solid volume. All the index ETFs remain bullish. The VIX traded below 8 again today before finishing back in the low 9's.

IBM & FFIV have broken out to the upside (targets inside the video). We also discuss ADBE, MU, TEVA and more.

Have a fantastic Friday!
Jan 3 2018 - NVDA, NFLX, FB Trigger Buy Signals Jan 3 2018 - NVDA, NFLX, FB Trigger Buy Signals Tech stocks led today's rally in a big way. AMZN, GOOGL, FB & NFLX hit all-time closing highs. NVDA jumped 6.58% and cleared the 50-day SMA we were watching, triggering a buy signal as well.

We also discuss VIX, AMD, MU, ULTA, EXPE, GLD and more.

Have a great day!
Jan 2 2018 - Nasdaq Soars, Gold Continues To Run Right On Schedule Jan 2 2018 - Nasdaq Soars, Gold Continues To Run Right On Schedule The QQQ's ripped higher today to kick off the new, adding 1.75% and the ETF is within a stone's throw of new all-time highs.

Gold, Silver and the Miners are surging right on schedule (just like last week too)... the seasonality keeps playing out over and over again with now 5 straight years of rallying into the new year.

We also discuss NFLX, VRSN, JWN, GE, DIS, GOOGL, AMZN, FB, AAPL, NVDA and more.

Happy New Year!

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