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Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhillips eye Permian Basin growth in 2023
Stock Buybacks Race to Record $132 Billion Start as Companies Snub All Warnings
Profit Guzzling Chevron Hikes Dividend, Announces Massive Share Buyback
Exxon Reaps $59 Billion Profit, Holds Steady on Buybacks
Exxon: Big Oil should invest forward, not buy back
Exxon soars to record annual profit as analyst calls Permian Basin ‘key part’ of growth
Despite Making History, ExxonMobil Underwhelms. Time to Sell the Energy Stock?
How Exxon and Chevron's Record 2022 Profits Compare to Past Years
Trump-Backed Dream of a Venezuela Coup Dies With Maduro Gaining Power

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