Aug 18 2019 - S&P 500 Remains Bearish To Start Week

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5 Top Nasdaq Stocks to Watch for the Next 12 Months

Investors looking for some of the stock market's fastest-growing companies have a number of outstanding choices on the Nasdaq.

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Top 10 Rising Stocks to Own Now

"Best of the Best" from this group - the top 10 rising stocks - are well positioned to sustain their growth in the months ahead. For those investors looking to ride the wave of stocks on the rise, here are 10 stocks that have been climbing - with room for even higher upside.

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Investing in 5G is old news - buy this instead

Investing in 5G is old news. The "easy" money has been made and most 5G plays have already seen their biggest gains. This new technology was called "The future of AI, IoT, and 5G" by TechTarget. And the company behind it could turn into the next Cisco. I expect their $5 stock to climb to $90 - and eventually as high as $1,200 per share.

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