Apr 16 2019 - Earnings Blitz: Healthcare Stocks Hammered, QCOM Surges

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My Top Marijuana Pick Is Booming

There's a Maryland company with a program that gives you the guaranteed opportunity to collect checks of $9,974 or more from the legal marijuana boom. Better still, you could make a hefty profit, too. This company is so good at what it does...its value shot up 140% in the last year alone. And it's only getting started.

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Financial technology is the name of the game. And I want to share with you the name and ticker symbol of one FinTech company that's ahead of the curve. This Cryptocurrency developer has pegged their currency to the U.S. dollar. And they've cut a deal with MasterCard for services at locations and ATMs around the world.

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Former Hedge Fund Manager Just Doubled-Down On Pot

Let James Altucher spell it out for you.

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The only 5G plays to make in 2019

Every major tech company out there is going all in on 5G.

Apple just spent $1 billion to acquire Intel's smartphone modem business. More importantly, this creates an incredible investing opportunity for YOU.

Not in Apple or Intel, but in a new technology that Apple is trying to control.

3 little-known 5G stocks to buy to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

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