Mar 6 2019 - Russell 2000, Banks, Transports Rolling Over

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2 Trading Legends Will Go Head-To-Head (& YOU'RE Invited)

These two experts have seen it all, and they know the keys to profiting in times like these! Join Marc Chaikin (Creator of Chaikin Money Flow) and Tom Sosnoff (Founder of tastytrade) as they cover the best ways to profit from today's market conditions. You'll find out their favorite trading strategies, the best stocks to buy and sell right now, expert timing tips, and much more. Hurry!

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My Top Marijuana Pick Is Booming

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Former Hedge Fund Manager Just Doubled-Down On Pot

Let James Altucher spell it out for you.

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The only 8 stocks you need for 2019

Of the nearly 4,500 publicly traded stocks, only 50 are worth your money. And only 8 are worth buying now. These stocks knock it out of the park year after year after year because they've tapped into the 3 most powerful forces in the global economy: Addiction, necessity and monopoly.

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