Jan 8 2019 - These 3 Stocks Have Big Upside Potential...

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He's Picked a New Takeover Every 70 Days!

Every deal this Wall Street legend picked was taken over just 88 days after he recommended it, on average. And they each delivered average profits of 86.6%. His latest takeover could happen even faster, after a Big Pharma giant took an 11% stake in this small biotech LAST MONTH.

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Why Firing Your Internet Provider Could Save You $19,494

A brand-new technology - code named "Halo-Fi" - could kill off your overpriced cable company for good... beaming lightning-fast internet to your home for an estimated $7 a month.

This is undoubtedly the beginning of the end for "Big 3" internet providers.

Forward-thinking investors in Halo-Fi are lining up to get rich before January 30th.

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New 5G Device is Revealed to Public for the First Time

A groundbreaking new technology is expected to be in every household in America by the end of the year...

This technology has the potential to make over 266 million smartphones become obsolete forcing nearly every American to switch over to this new "5G Device".

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