Jan 6 2019 - Bears Still In Control...

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"The 12 Million Mile Battery"

One "original 7" electric car employee has beaten his former company to market on an energy innovation so powerful it can send a Tesla cross country without charging - 4 times. This small company behind it is facing demand that will lead to an unprecedented market surge.

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Legendary Stockpicker Issues Urgent "All-In" Buy Alert

This man is one of the BEST stockpickers in history... his recommendations have gone up 325%, 404%, 660%, even a rare 1,185%. Now, he's unveiled his #1 investment for 2020... But you need to hurry. As he explains here, on July 28th one catalyst could send this tiny stock beginning to soar 1,000% or higher.

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(ALERT) Google just poured $4 billion into THIS...

Companies all over the world are funneling as much money as they can into what Bill Gates calls, "the holy grail" of modern technology.

It's fresh out of a highly secretive lab in Boston, and it's poised to make early investors billions.

It's NOT cannabis. It's NOT bitcoin, or some other blockchain-related technology and it's NOT 5G.

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"Boring Trade" Generates $185 Every Day. Like Clockwork.

Forget cryptos, pot stocks, and other "shiny object" investments. Instead, you could collect an average of $185 every day of the year with this "boring" trade strategy Forbes magazine says is "like finding money in the street."

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The Real Reason Stocks Could Rally in 2020?

A Wall Street legend whom millions have seen on Fox Business, CNBC and Bloomberg TV just made a prediction that has stunned the business world. WARNING: What he says contradicts everything you're hearing from Wall Street and the Main Street media.

If you want to see how to make a fortune in 2020, it's important you watch this interview right away.

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