Gregg Harris, Author & Trader

Chief Technical Strategist,

Gregg Harris is not your typical trader. He spent much of his life in software and hardware engineering, and applies the same rigorous technical skills he honed in his engineering career to his stock market analysis. Gregg got ‘hooked’ on the stock market back in the 1980s, taking a Series 3 course to learn about options before they had become widely known. He leveraged his software expertise to build a real-time quote system and researched trading systems, options and commodity markets.

Gregg is not just a trader but also a deal-maker, purchasing a trading systems company and improving upon existing systems to generate high probability signals. He’s a published author and has been featured in magazines, such as the Investor Guide magazine.

His passion for research evolved over the past decade to identifying, and capitalizing upon institutional trading patterns. Gregg discovered that seasonal patterns existed among many stocks, and he spent three years customizing a set of research tools to increase probability setups for trade candidates. Gregg is a pioneer in this analytic method that can be used to leverage the benefits of options trading and chose to join what he describes as the ‘best advanced options training group’,, to share his research with a retail audience.


  • Pioneering software developer and researcher of high probability seasonal analysis trading methodology
  • Author of Seasonal Forecaster newsletter, serving investors globally
  • Distinguished engineer whose career has encompassed a wide range of endeavors, most recently in medical devices


  • Covered Calls
  • Quick-hit bull calls
  • Quick-hit bear puts
  • Diagonals

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