Do you suffer losses when stocks fall?

Do you know how to turn losing trades into winning trades?

Do you know how to generate cash flow each month?

Introducing: Secrets to Explosive Stock Market Profits

In this 118 page e-book, you will discover powerful stock and options trading techniques to:

  • Turn Losing Trades into Winning Trades
  • Proactively Generate Cash Flow on Stocks You Already Own
  • Control Emotions with Exit Points
  • Learn Insider Stock Picking Secrets!
  • Profit with Advanced Strategies!
  • Insure your Stocks when the Market Drops!
  • Identify Buy & Sell Signals!
  • Money Management Techniques of Sophisticated Traders!

And just listen to what people are saying...

"I really like the approach you take removing emotions out of my trading. That was my biggest problem before where I always had my finger on the trigger. Now I just sit back and let the stock do the work and profit no matter which way it goes!" Mary F, Dublin

Section 1 – Introduction to Spread Trading

  • Learn all about options, what they are and why they are so important
  • Understand the concept of Spread Trading
  • Why would you want to Spread Trade versus Buy-and-Hold?
  • Eliminate Fear and Greed in your trading

Section 2 – Options Trading Instruments

  • Learn the power of all 4 options trading instruments
  • Options terminology demystified
  • Learn how to read an options chain

Section 3 – Secrets to Low Risk / No Risk Trading

  • Learn how to eliminate fear in your trading
  • Eliminate greed in your trading for increased profits
  • Learn how to own a stock for zero cost basis
  • Answer the million dollar question

Section 4 – Profit in Any Market Trend

  • Find out how to make money in up, down and flat markets
  • Take advantage of every market trend without stock
  • Control emotions through sophisticated exit points for every strategy

Section 5 – Advanced Strategies

  • Big market moves means BIG PROFITS
  • Profit whether the market rises, falls or simply stays flat
  • Take advantage of flat periods in the market
  • Complex strategies for advanced traders

Section 6 – Insider Stock Picking Secrets

  • Do you know what criteria to look for when investing in a company?
  • Learn what stocks to select, how to evaluate them and when to buy them
  • Determine when the market is screaming "Buy, Buy, Buy" and "Sell, Sell, Sell”
  • Learn when to trade against the crowd and make big money

Section 7 – Finance Management & Allocation

  • Learn critical money management skills
  • Learn what to look for when choosing a broker

Appendix A – Stock Market Essentials

  • Your reference guide for all you need to talk trading