Financhill Review: Stock Ratings You Can Trust

Investing in the stock market is one of your best opportunities for creating wealth, but it also comes with the potential for you to lose everything.

While most investors come out somewhere between the two, the biggest determinant to who wins and who loses is how well they pay attention to and analyze company news, economic events, and broader market trends.

The information you need to succeed is largely available online, but it takes digging. Also, the data you find isn’t broken down for you. Investors need to have knowledge about industry terms, the performance of comparable companies, economic indicators, and more for any of it to make sense.

DIY Investing

You could spend hours a day researching everything – and it would have to be daytime hours because that’s when companies make announcements, economic news breaks, and share prices shift. It’s also when the stock market is open.

If it sounds like a massive task, it is – and frankly, it isn’t worth it for most people

It takes hours of research every day to stay on top of what’s happening with even just a handful of companies. You may also have a learning curve to surmount. The time investment is intense.

Outsourcing your Efforts

Successful people know when to outsource, and this occasion is no exception. For many people, that means hiring a finance professional.

However, if it isn’t in your budget or you don’t want to pay someone to manage your portfolio, there is another option. You can buy stock analysis and access to financial tools to help you make sense of it all.

What is Financhill?

Financhill is a stock market tool that helps traders to make more informed decisions about what stocks to trade and when.

Plus, unlike many traditional stock analysts, Financhill provides unbiased and evidence-based information to all its subscribers in the form of analysis, screening tools, and alerts for an annual fee.

What Makes Financhill Different

There are lots of products and subscription services that promise investors all the information they need to be successful. Unfortunately, the way these companies accomplish this is highly relative and up for debate.

Many such services fill their sites with distracting pop-ups, or their version of “help” is bombarding your email inbox with newsletters while offering little else.

Financhill is different because it offers significantly more for less.

Where Financhill Shines

Your service subscription does include newsletters – members get daily market analysis and weekly market reviews – but that’s only a small part of what you get for your money.

Financhill includes a variety of tools that DIY investors love and competitors fail to provide. 

Screening tools for members can help you spot trends or identify stocks that meet your investment criteria.

Financhill comes with a valuation tool as well. It combs through the financial statements for each company and evaluates what the stock is really worth.

Plus, Financhill has its own proprietary stock rating algorithm, so if you don’t want to analyze potential investments or screen them on your own, you don’t have to. Finally, Financhill gives its members access to exclusive investing events.

Let’s look at two of Financhill’s best features in further detail.

Financhill Stock Score Ratings Engine Is A Game-Changer

Stock Score is Financhill’s independent and proprietary stock rating algorithm. It examines stocks then assigns a Buy or Sell rating to each one as well as a numerical score.

This quantification lets you see how one company is doing and gives you a way to compare it to that of another organization.

Putting a numerical value on a stock makes it easy to spot market inefficiencies. Plus, the Stock Score is objective, never skewed. The measure is automatically calculated based on a company’s financial records and its stock performance, so you can trust that it isn’t biased.

This is important because most of the research you read is skewed or biased to some degree. 

Research shows that most analysts on Wall Street say that stocks are Buys or Holds more often than they recommend Sells.


Because if they cast a company in a negative light or otherwise give negative recommendation, they won’t get the same access to that firm’s management team, analyst calls, or anything else going forward.

Financhill doesn’t have that conflict of interest because it works differently than those analyst houses. They aren’t trying to sell you on one company or another. They don’t offer brokerage services or investment funds. They only offer subscribers objective information. 

All Financhill stock ratings are automatically generated. The company uses an algorithm that factors in fundamental criteria like balance sheets and income statement figures.

That Stock Score also factors in technical criteria, such as trends, momentum, and oscillators, and combines it with sentiment data (e.g., volatility index), economic data, and an array of other key factors.

When they do cover a company’s fundamentals, they explain reasons why to love the company as well as the reasons that you could want to invest elsewhere.

Financhill Seasonality Tool Uses Data (Not Opinions)

Financhill’s Stock Score is only one way its service shines. Financhill also provide its members with a proprietary seasonality tool.

This powerful product spots when stocks have historically trended at different times of the year. For example, you may reason that a company manufacturing swimming pools is going to earn more in springtime than winter or that a company processing tax returns will have a run up ahead of tax season.

However, that intuition doesn’t necessarily help you as an investor. Other people reason that too. As a result, the market reflects that.

The Financhill Seasonality tool delivers unparalleled precision. Your intuition can't precisely pinpoint the week that seasonality starts to make a difference for a particular stock. The seasonality tool can because it crunches through every stock in the market for its entire history of trading to tell you precisely how much it's likely to rise, over what time frame, and with what probability.

Why Financhill Beats the Competition

When you choose an investment knowledge service, you ultimately end up paying for stock picks or newsletters.

Those insights may help you make informed decisions and you could buy in at the right time – provided the service isn’t so popular that other subscribers try to ante up on the same info. If too many people try to buy in, the market will correct and the share price for that stock could go up before you have a chance to get in the game.

Investor services that do go a step further and provide analysis tools tend to charge through the roof. Some of those sites will charge their subscribers $500, $1000, or more for a single tool, like a covered call screener. Even if that tool helps you make better investments, you are going to have to work hard to amortize that cost.

Financhill is different.

Financhill subscribers get the whole kit and caboodle for a single low price. There are no hidden surprises. Just choose the subscriber level that suits your goals and pay your dues monthly or annually. It is that easy.

You get:

  • an independent stock rating algorithm,
  • a screening tool that spots seasonal trends,
  • a valuation tool that analyzes every line item of every financial statement for virtually every stock,
  • customized watch lists,
  • email alerts when your stocks are on the move or change ratings,
  • daily market analysis newsletters,
  • a weekly market review newsletter,
  • plus information galore featuring new stock ideas, as well as a host of invitation-only events for members to spot the best stocks for the coming weeks ahead.

How to Get Started

If Financhill sounds like a good fit for your investing needs, get started here. It offers both monthly and annual plans to suit every investor. Here is a brief overview of what Financhill offers its subscribers.


·       Complete Stock Ratings

·       Precise Stock Charts

·       Fundamental Analysis Visualized

·       Economic Analysis Simplified

·       Sentiment Analysis Insights

·       Portfolio Income Calculator

·       Breaking News Stream


·       Covered Call Screener

·       Seasonal Stock Screener


·       Value Investor Stock List

·       Top Stock Gainers Screen

·       Top ETF Gainers Screen

·       Biggest Stock Losers Screen

·       Worst ETF Losers Screen


·       Income Investor Plus Daily Newsletter

·       Price Predictor Seasonality Daily Newsletter

Get to Know Financhill

Still on the fence? No problem. Get to know us better, then decide to subscribe. You can visit for regular stock market analysis that's always 100% free. When you're ready to get started, visit the pricing page above.

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